Pin Cherry Lamp


24″ High. Elegantly rustic Pin Cherry Lamp.



This pin cherry lamp is reminiscent of a tree growing out of a rock. These lamps are elegantly rustic with their burgundy bark highlighted by deep golden lenticels.

I use three pin cherry saplings and compose them in a visually interesting way. I very carefully scribe the bottom surfaces to exactly match and fit onto the rock surface. Next screws are epoxied into the base of the saplings and these are in turn epoxied into holes I have drilled into the rock.

The bottom of the rock is leveled with a diamond grinder and then covered with felt to protect the surface on which it sits.

The shades are all rectangle coolie shaped, and are either hand made using white paper with leaf skeletons imbedded in them, or black with a gold lining that casts a warm golden glow and adds a touch of elegance.

Pin cherry is known as a pioneer species. This means that it is one of the first species to grow in disturbed areas. It commonly grows in fire breaks along roads. Town and state road crews remove them with some regularity. I sometimes get the pin cherry I use in my work from them.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 in