Corner Table


29.5″ high. Pin Cherry Twig Furniture Corner Table with triangular bluestone top.

Backordered - Custom made to order



Twig Furniture Corner Table with triangular stone top.

This corner table was custom made for a client. They chose pin cherry for it’s beautiful, combination of rustic elegance. It’s total height is 29 and 1/2 inches which matched the height of the other side tables in their home. Many branchlets were left in place to ensure a wild feeling to the piece. It was finished with three coats of clear satin spar varnish which accentuated the deep rich color of the bark.

The top is natural cleft bluestone with most of it’s natural edges left intact. The edges that needed to be cut were soaked in water and then blowtorched so they matched the uncut parts. The result is stunning.

Pin cherry is known as a pioneer species. This means that it is one of the first species to grow in disturbed areas. It commonly grows in fire breaks along roads. Town and state road crews remove them with some regularity. I sometimes get the pin cherry I use in my work from them.