Bittersweet Lamp


22″ high Bittersweet Vine Lamp with felt-covered granite base.



When combing through the woods to find vines for building lamps, I keep my eye out for thick, heavily twisted pieces that will provide a strong body, which whimsically connects the lighting fixture to the base.

I begin my work by twisting the vine around a base of granite, a rock of a specific size and shape that I borrowed from the earth, to give the appearance that the vine is growing out of the stone.  This union of vine with stone gives a sense of nature’s power.  I put felt on the granite base so the lamp cannot scratch a table.

There are many options for shades. I especially like crinkled, oiled paper shades that I import from Nicaragua.  They remind of Tiffany mica shades, giving a warm amber glow when the lamp is lit.

My lamps are at home in any decor, adding a touch of the forest to even the smallest urban apartment.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22 in